What is Mini UPS ?
Mini DC UPS is a DC uninterruptible power supply , which stay power for all kinds of 12V 2A DC equipment,wireless routers, broadband modems ,telephone,LED light,monitor cameras,PSP,smart phones tablets etc during power outages. not only offer full protection to voltage transformer , but also store power and provide hours of operation during power failure

Specification of Product :
Model:Kitbox GM 312 Mini DC UPS
Input voltage range: 11~13v dc
Output port: DC port USB
Output voltage: 12v dc 5v dc
Ouput current: 2A MAX 1A MAX
External adapter output:as adapter 5v dc
Environment Temperature: -20℃~+45℃
Battery capacity: 7800mah
Charging period: 8 hours
Dimension(mm): 126*68*25
Weight(kg): 0.4

How to use Kitbox GM 312/ SK313T Mini DC UPS?〈/b>
1.Connect the electric equipment to the output port of UPS through the matching wire.
2.Turn on the UPS power switch
3.Insert the DC plug of the adapter into the power output port of the UPS.Then insert the adapter into AC socket to supply the electric equipment uninterrupted.

Package List:
1 x Mini UPS
1 x Connection Line
1 x manual User
* The input voltage range must be 11 ~13V and the output polarity should be confirmed.These specifications can be found on the label of the adapter.It may damage the UPS if out of range or polarity reversed. *Do not put the products under over or low temperature environment.Do not try to disassemble and repair by yourself, as the security device configured inside the product.It may destroy the device if it disassembled.