Size Reference:10.6cm*5.5cm
About 370ml
Package Include:4pcs wine glasses(White,Pink,Blue,Orange).
Materials: Made of Shatterproof food grade silicone. BPA-free and eco-friendly recyclable material
Won't crack or shatter in the freezer,even when their contents freeze;Soft to touch for both hot and cold liquids;No external condensation on the outside like with glass.
They won't break or shatter like cheap plastic.These cups are virtually unbreakable.Apply to all occasions and for all ages. Safe for your habitual glass breaker guests or in swimming areas where it's unsafe for potential broken glass.When your guests have had one too many drinks, they can get clumsy and drop your precious wine goblets. This is wasteful and can pose a health risk if you have children running around. Injuries caused by stepping on broken glass are quite common.Reusable and environmentally friendly.The silicone wine glasses innovative shatterproof design differ from all the drawbacks of regular wine glasses that you never worry about broken glasses,broken stems and rest easy with no more mess to clean up.
They are perfect for tailgate party, outdoor patio, the beach, spa, boating, tubing, camping, picnic, BBQ, vacation, honeymoon, concert, festival, or any drinks on the go. No waste, can simply fold up the glasses and store them away when you are done.