iBenzer macaron series keyboard cover. Features: soft and durable silicone construction. Manufactured to the highest quality available. Completely washable with water (or mild detergent). Easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting. Designed to provide the full protection for your MacBook keyboard against dust, spills, and wear and tear. keyboard cover compatible with MacBook white 13" MacBook air 13" (a1369 & a1466) MacBook pro 13" (a1278) MacBook pro 13" with retina display (a1425 & a1502) MacBook pro 15" with retina display (a1398) MacBook pro 15" (a1286) iMac wireless keyboard (released before 2015) fit only USA keyboard layout MacBook’s keyboard cover not compatible with MacBook air 11" new MacBook 12" retina display. European keyboard layout MacBook. MacBook with silver keyboard. iMac wireless keyboard (released after 2016).