Premium Cell Phone Repair Kit

Includes Hard to find bits for Apple products

- 17-Piece Kit Includes:
- All-metal screwdriver
- 12 metal bits
- 2 nylon pry bars
- Sim card ejector
- Small suction cup
- Durable, handy carrying case

The handle is made of heavy-duty aluminum for durability. The top of the driver rotates to quickly drive screws.

Each bit is lightly magnetized to hold those tiny screws when repairing an iPhone, Galaxy, smartphone, tablet, handheld device, eyeglasses or any other small project around the house or shop.

All parts snap firmly into the carrying case so they don't fall out during transport for a truly portable kit.

The bits are easy to insert and remove from the handle but fit snugly so they don't move during use.

Bits: PH: 00 and 000; Flat: 1.2mm; Pentalobe: .8mm, 2.0mm, Torx: T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10 and Triangle 2.0mm

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